July 5, 2019

Party Policies

Party Policies

The Kiwi Party has been asked by a number of interested people, what are our core policies? We have started to formalize some of these policies which are as follows.

  1. Binding referendum - any to be held in conjunction with elections – backdated to include previous referendum (including mandating the repeal of anti-smacking law).

  2. Firearms - The Kiwi Party position is that firearms licenses should only be available to NZ citizens. We hope to help organize a working party of all firearms stakeholders, to identify what are the real risks and how the Arms Act should be properly amended. The current changes will be repealed until such time as fully transparent independent investigations into the events of March 2019 are available and the recommendations from the working party are available. Then changes made following due process and based on the facts to hand, not a knee jerk emotional reaction based on no facts that we have recently witnessed.

  3. Introduction of a fair and simple form of Taxation - The Kiwi Party believes that New Zealand’s current taxation system is cumbersome and unfair and that it is the poorer members of society that suffer most. We believe individual’s (and Companies) would do better if it were possible to give them all a 20%+ increase in their income/profits, whilst at the same time reducing compliance to archaic outdated regulation. We believe we can do this very quickly.

  4. 1080 - The Kiwi Party is anti-pollution! We would ban 1080, and reintroduce the bounty on possums and other pests.

  5. Review Family Court - The family Court is broken, there needs to be a full and frank review of how it operates and why it acts in the way it does, accountability needs to be addressed including the Judiciary, Lawyers, and parties.

  6. Entrenched Written Constitution - Begin a wide-ranging discussion with the aim of introducing a written Constitution as high law as soon as possible. New Zealand is one of only three countries that do not have a written constitution. Constitutions limit the power of parliament and make them accountable for their actions (usually via the Judiciary). At the moment New Zealand parliaments power is unlimited; New Zealand is not a democracy but an elected dictatorship. Parliament has the power to do anything it wants with a simple 51% vote in parliament. This is simply unacceptable.

  7. Immigration - All forms of immigration (including refugees) should be reduced significantly until such time as our infrastructure and housing crises are resolved. We do not believe we should be bringing more people into New Zealand when we have so many Kiwi’s struggling to survive, living on the street or in cars.