July 5, 2019

Free Speech

Free Speech

The core interest that free speech rights protect is political discussion. The ability to consider all ideas and come to an informed choice is fundamental to a free and democratic society.

This is why we have challenged the censor’s decision to ban Brenton Tarrant’s, “The Great replacement’.

Once you have political censorship you then have a division in society between those who have the power to dictate what is allowed and those who do not. Being dictated to is a sign you are living in a dictatorship.
On 3/19 we filed an application for review of the censor’s decision.

At the same time, we put out a press release to most media outlets in NZ. Not one responded and as far as we know not one made any comment. What this shows is that the media in NZ is uninterested in free speech, as it is no more than the voice of the establishment.

We also made these OIA requests of the censor. This is the brush off we received. We have now made a complaint under the OIA to the Ombudsman.