April 23, 2020

Declaratory Judgement Update April 2020

Declaratory Judgement Update April 2020

We have filed a Notice of application for leave to bring civil appeal.

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As we wrote in our previous article we really need your help with funding.

We need $3600 urgently for fees and costs for this appeal. Our counsel is acting pro bono and all funding to date has been spent on court fees and costs for litigation. If this appeal is granted then we have estimated that we may need a further $8500 for further litigation.

If you can help us we really need more funding for further litigation. Please continue to PayPal ™ where you can make a donation to the Kiwi Party online. If you'd rather make a donation by cheque, direct debit or over the phone, or if you have trouble paying via credit card: please email us at reception@kiwiparty.co.nz