April 5, 2019

Christchurch Shootings

Christchurch Shootings

Since the tragic (and avoidable) events in Christchurch on 15 March, we have seen a number of concerning changes (or proposed changes) put forward by government and police:

It appears that a lone gunman attacked and killed (or injured) a large number of innocent people whilst they were going about their normal daily lives. The gunman appears to be politically motivated and based the choosing of his victims on religious and their recent immigration status.

The method he chose to use was deliberate and it was his intention to cause division and disharmony amongst the population of New Zealand and other Countries (amongst the goals he was hoping to achieve was changes to our firearms laws).

How did this happen?

  • The gunman is a foreign national (not a New Zealand citizen).

  • The New Zealand police issued the gunman with an A cat (sporting) gun licence in unusual circumstances! To date, these circumstances have and are being hidden buy New Zealand Police and parliament from the people of New Zealand.

  • Our government and their agencies are telling us that he had not come to the attention of any government agencies, despite his well-documented engagement with social media.

  • Lawfully licenced firearms owners had NO involvement with the gunman or the above process.

  • Our police armed this man, not Lawfully licenced firearms owners!!

What's happening now

Since, the attack of 15 March our parliament (lead by our current Prime Minister) has vilified, blamed and attached a minority of our community (lawful firearms owners). Our parliament has passed statutes in an unconstitutional matter without proper consultation with the people of New Zealand and their intent of those statutes is to confiscate the private property of individuals and to pay some minor compensation (of their choosing). It does sound somewhat like victimization the Maori people exposed to by the Crown a couple of hundred years ago. Buyback my arse, who brought their firearms from the government, it just plain theft by statute, wake up whats next black cars!

Firearms are not a new agenda item for New Zealand Police headquarters, in fact, they have been "tinkering” with the arms act (mainly via “police policy”) for the last few years. There has been a consistent view from Police Headquarters that we should be following “Australian firearms statutes”. It is public knowledge that the Australian Police wish to have one set of firearms rules for all of Oceanian and we understand Australian police and New Zealand police have previously had meetings where this issue has been discussed. Australian police have also recently advised the New Zealand parliament as to how they would like to see New Zealand's Statutes changed.

This raises two issues:

  • Firstly, should another sovereign nation police force be dictating what another sovereign nations statutes should be?
  • Secondly, are Australia’s firearms statutes better than New Zealand’s and how is that difference measured?

The only objective measure is statistical analysis. If we compare statistical analysis between Australia and New Zealand, the murder rate with firearms is 3 per million for Australia and 2.53 per million for New Zealand. So, Australia has 19% more firearms homicides than New Zealand do, even though their firearms laws are more restrictive.

Numbers around firearms estimates are Australia 15 guns per 100 people and New Zealand 22.6 guns per 100 people. That’s 51% more guns per person in New Zealand and yet New Zealands homicide rate with firearms is 19% less.

The statistical message is conclusive, Australia should adopt New Zealand's firearms statutes, not the other way around. If New Zealand does adopt Australia’s firearms statutes we can expect approximately 19% increase in firearms-related murders, thanks, prime minister.

Our government has also censored the gunman's writings, so the people of New Zealand are prevented from trying to gain an understanding of the reasons for this tragic event, the penalties for even looking at this information are significant. The gunman's political ramblings are no worse than those of Karl Marx, yet we are not protected from them.

Our government is seeking to curtail our right to free speech, under the guise that some free speech could be hate speech, even though we already have adequate laws defining hate speech.

Our police have also proposed further changes to the New Zealand way of life. Police propose that the police commissioner sign off on all, removing the requirement of a Judge or JP to do so, search warrants and other increases in their powers. This is indicative of the thinking of a “POLICE STATE”, unfortunately, this move toward a “police state” is becoming more obvious.

Recently it has come to attention that police ordered a number of RSA’s not to have there annual ANZAC day parades (yet our Prime Ministers RSA, Pt Chev) is allowed to parade (be it under stricter security), we could not have our Prime Minister missing a photo opportunity, could we?

As an ex-serviceman that has been decorated by my country for my service and who parents have both been decorated for their service, I am utterly disgusted!!!!!


The most logical conclusion one reaches is that the current New Zealand Government is racing toward fulfilling a socialist agenda to take away the individual rights of New Zealand citizens, this is an affront to any and all New Zealand citizens that have worn a uniform (and sometimes were compelled to do so) that have fought and died to protect our individual FREEDOMS and democracy in New Zealand.