January 29, 2020

Black Adhern?

Black Adhern?

When the Spanish Flu pandemic raged across the World just after WWI, NZ was relatively isolated, as ships arriving in the country were held in quarantine. However, on one of these ships was the current PM, William Massey and the Finance Minister, Joseph Ward. With the typical arrogance of those in power Massey ordered that the ship dock, in breach of the quarantine. Around 9000 died of the Spanish Flu in NZ. This earned Massey the epitaph ‘Black Massey’. Although apologists for the PM claim the virus was already in NZ, his lifting of his ship’s quarantine has been memory-holed in the official account.

At the moment we don’t really know how serious the Chinese Flu will be. One of the many problems with socialist states is that the truth comes a poor second to government policy. If the Chinese virus does raise to the level of a pandemic many will die across the world including NZ, but there has been no mention by the Government of protecting the nation by quarantining travelers.

The Government has made the decision that the detriment to society of quarantining or stopping travel is greater than the risk of disease and death that the pandemic may cause. The question arises that if the body count ends up in the region that which Brenton Tarrant clocked up would that make Adhern a terrorist?

The basis for protecting the right to bear arms is the risk to society that with all power in the hands of the Government, society will end up under tyrannical rule, which will entail death and dysfunction. The Government assessed this risk at zero, if it assessed it at all. Their position was that any such concerns were out-weighted by those killed by guns. But with the Chinese Flu, the government is prepared to risk an unknown number of deaths and debilitations in order not to disrupt the functioning of society.

What this shows is that those in Government have no idea that ultimately the right to bear arms prevents dysfunction in society or perhaps it is that they are not interested in the proper functioning of society, only their own power and control.

Corona Virus


The first formal announcement has come from the Suzhou government, Jiangxi Province (see official link here). The Suzhou announcement is summarized below as an example of the degree of seriousness with which local governments are treating the current situation:

  1. Suzhou residents currently outside of the city – are not to return to Suzhou. Those residents currently in Suzhou shall only move around when required. For companies operating within the administrative district, staff may not come back to work before February 8. Schools may not re-open before February 17. Exceptions exist for organizations involved in providing basic services for residents (provision of water, gas, electricity etc.) and those involved in combating the spread of the virus.

  2. Any resident who has traveled to Hubei in the past two weeks, or those who have had physical contact with people from Hubei, or those who have had physical contact with anyone already infected with the coronavirus – are required to report to a medical center to report their health condition and have their temperature taken. They should then be restricted to their homes or go to specialist facilities for observation. If such people start displaying symptoms, such as a high temperature, they must wear a face-mask and go straight to the medical center.

  3. Local administrative bodies should organize task forces to make house visits to propagate the measures put in place by the State Sanitation and Health Committee.

  4. All meetings and gatherings are to be cancelled. Group social meals of all types, whether organized by companies or individuals, are prohibited. Any pre-planned events must be cancelled or delayed. All cinemas, leisure facilities, internet cafes, saunas, etc. are to be closed. Retirement homes and rehabilitation facilities are to be locked-down.

  5. Some roads shall be closed. Road checks will be put in place on the roads that remain open. Light railway and bus routes will run on a reduced schedule.

  6. Administration officials and companies shall put in place measures to monitor the situation within their organizations. If any risk is discovered, they must take immediate action.