The Kiwi Party was formed to resist the attacks on our fundamental rights by the current regime. The Labour / NZ First / Green Alliance does not deserve the title GOVERNMENT as they were not elected with a mandate to take away our freedoms.

For democracy to work, the FREEDOMS of the individual (and minority) must be enshrined in High Law (an entrenched constitution).

The right to free speech is the cornerstone of a free society. We will not have Big Brother telling us what we can read and what we cannot or what we can say.

In regard to firearms two constitutional principles are engaged:

  • The right to bear arms is the ability to resist tyranny. It is the ultimate balance of power between the people and the state.
  • Private property functions as a constitutional limit to the prerogatives of the State. Firearms are private property. To the extent that the State can confiscate your property, you are a serf.

Beyond this, that 3 out of the 4 major political parties in NZ, with hardly a boo from National, can think that they can ride roughshod over our rights tells us we have a serious problem within our parliamentary system.

Our system needs to change and we advocate:

  • A written (entrenched) Constitution, which enshrines our rights and constrains abuses of power, as high law.
  • Adopting the Swiss practice of broad use of binding referendums.